Simon Caulfield

Favorite Project & Why

Transit projects are always fun! Designing spaces for large volumes of commuters everyday is both challenging and rewarding. Having the ability to make an impact on people’s lives everyday and reshape the environment around them to make the journey more comfortable and easier.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Working with people everyday. Collaborating with my colleagues, the clients and the various disciplines involved in the project. Everybody has a different view and there is so much to learn from one another. Each day brings a new challenge that can be worked out through exchanging ideas and collaboration.

Favorite Thing to Do

Exploring nature – whether it be a walk in the park, swim in the sea or a hike up a mountain! That exhilarating feeling you get when you jump into the ocean or reach the summit of a mountain and take in the views.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Nature, music, and Photoshop!

Simon Caulfield