Trevor Mauro

Favorite Project & Why

My favorite project would have to be the Central Station Air Rights Development in Chicago. Simply put, it remains the most challenging piece of strategy I’ve faced. I enjoy solving complex puzzles – integrating rail transit, infrastructure, and high rise design on one site. Designing a mile long slice of city in the sky taught me about the importance of listening to your stakeholders, which has served me well as I navigate other mixed use projects.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

I enjoy the range of skills I get to use in architecture. I’m a constant learner so building my knowledge base is extremely important to me. We have to constantly question our processes, interrogate the unknown, and iterate frequently in the name of progress. Architecture allows me to do all of those things.

Favorite Thing to Do

Get out to the San Juan Islands with friends and family for a long weekend to eat as much seafood we can scavenge, dig up and catch.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Sunday brunch, dogs, and my iPhone.