Victoria Kovacs

Favorite Project & Why

A long project title to say, but The Totem Lake Urban Center Enhancement + Multimodal Transportation Network Plan. This plan re-imagined what an automobile oriented district of Kirkland, Totem Lake, could become: a walking and bicycling friendly environment that would be to be a desirable place to live, work, and visit. Totem Lake is already the economic hub of Kirkland, and it is rapidly growing with new housing development interest following the redevelopment of the Totem Lake mall. The plan provided tangible strategies to improve the street network for all transportation modes, and improve the overall identity and appeal of the district. The City of Kirkland has been very happy with the plan, and has used the prioritization within it to guide future infrastructure improvements in the district.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Being able to work on projects that make a positive difference in the world, planning and designing cities around transportation options and livable spaces.

Favorite Thing to Do

Go skiing with my family in the Cascades of Washington and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Friends and family, my bicycle, and the mountains.