Zhaleh Moulaei

Favorite Thing About Your Job

I enjoy designing. Designing is an act of constant decision making. Some decisions are made intuitively (thin line looks better here, red for the walls, a curve there), others are made based on the rules we set (higher density in 400m from transit stops). Working at VIA gives me the opportunity to delve into both of these realms of intuitive and rule-based design as that is VIA’s approach: “to get to the place where poetry and mathematics meet”, in Graham McGarva words. Being surrounded by genuine, caring, and creative individuals is yet a higher blessing.

Favorite Thing to Do

Discovering new plant species while wandering (and Vancouver hasn’t ceased to surprise me in this regard); absorbing the sun at Sunset Beach while ignoring the fact that the water has gotten very polluted; going to my favorite cafés with or without friends, many times, until I can claim ownership to those places; witnessing Vancouver’s autumn colours and cherry blossoms and being amazed by all that beauty; crossing Granville or Cambie bridge on bike or on foot.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

My dreams, music, real mental connection with other fellow Homo sapiens.

Zhaleh Moulaei