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Remembering Peter Jansen, 1970 – March 23, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

PeterJansenPeter Jansen was VIA’s IT wizard for nearly twelve years, based out of our Vancouver office. Peter had been fighting with cancer for almost a year, and we are sad to announce that on Saturday morning he lost that battle. Peter will be sorely missed. He was a special person with a huge and generous spirit, always wanting to help others, and was infinitely patient with all of our questions and problems. VIA will not be the same without him.

Our Seattle office would not exist without Peter.  His knowledge of networking allowed us to envision what a fully connected, cross-border practice would look like, which was no mean feat in the early days of networking.  Everything we have available to do our work, from dual processors to up-to-date software to spam filtering to nightly synching between offices — all of this happens because of Peter’s efforts.  His family joked that he bled VIA blue, and there was a truth to this — his loyalties were fierce, and we were so glad he was on our side.

Peter had a passion for many things.  One of those passions was the music of Led Zeppelin. So the next time you hear a Led Zeppelin song hold a special thought for Peter.

Peter leaves behind his wife Tina and his 7 year old son Taran, and they have a tough road ahead without Peter.  Please keep them in your hearts and thoughts, and be grateful for health and family.