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Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times

Sep 24, 2009

Smart Growth BC 2009 Conference

Featuring Paul Hawken and many other distinguished thought leaders

October 20-22, 2009
Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Registration now open!

For its sixth annual conference, Smart Growth BC joins forces for the first time with the Center for Urban Innovation’s Gaining Ground Sustainable Urban Development Leadership Summit to present a unique two-and-a-half day gathering addressing the transformational challenges that all North American cities, whether large or small, urban or rural, are facing in sustainability, economy and urban management.

Resilient Cities will explore strategies to make cities and towns more robust, and will enable participants to significantly advance their thinking on three key subjects:

  • Innovation in sustainability governance and best current practices for managing sustainable urban systems
  • Capturing opportunities in the green economy
  • Strategies for building widespread sustainability collaborations that engage the community level.


We are a sponsor this year and will be featuring the following panel discussion:

The evolution of Southeast False Creek illustrates changing definitions of sustainability: from the ideals of the early 1990s “Clouds of Change” report through waves of real-estate pro-forma and architectural fashion wars, to the social, cultural, economic and environmental criteria of multi-layered sustainability that coalesced around the same time as the Olympic bid in 2002 – (then the politics, and later the press, kicked in).

Trace the contested journey in a dynamic story-telling workshop with some of the diverse players who saw it through from vision to design to construction.

Graham McGarva (VIA Architecture)
Ian Smith (City of Vancouver)
Sean McEwan (Vancouver City Planning Commission, SEFC Stewardship Group)
Roger Bayley (Merrick Architecture)
Lance Berelowitz (Urban Forum Associates, moderator)

Gaining Ground Summit
Wednesday, October 21st, 2 – 4:30 pm

Click here for conference and registration information.