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Tuesday News Roundup

Jan 17, 2012

After a long and frigid weekend in the Northwest, let’s warm up a bit with a roundup of the latest headlines and hottest news in architecture, sustainability + design!

Hyper-Realistic Paintings (Colossal)
It’s hard to believe these hyper-realistic paintings aren’t actually high resolution photographs…

Toy or Tool: Urban Planning as Community Board Game (Planetizen)
Profile of a project by Urban Planner James Rojas, who has constructed an 80-square-foot scale model of Long Beach that residents and business owners can tinker with to illustrate their own vision of the city.

Buenos Aires for Design Addicts (Apartment Therapy)
BA is not only bursting with design inspiration, it offers up restaurants, furniture stores, and fashion boutiques that rival many in New York (the whole city felt like a fusion of NYC, Paris, Madrid, and Rome).

How To Retrofit The Suburbs to Increase Walking (Planetizen)
Researchers look at the largely suburban South Bay area of Los Angeles to offer ways to retrofit auto-oriented suburbs for more pedestrian travel.

Composing the Urbanist Calendar (Sustainable Cities)
The last week of the year is typically reserved for retrospective, and “best of” assessments. Yet, it can also be a time of hope, resolution, and prediction—an interlude of oracles and dreams.The Joy of Books (Swissmiss)
Bookstore owners Sean & Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp decide to take it to the next level spending many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto.

A Five Minute Trip Around the World (Colossal)
With a camera in hand, artist Ken Liem embarked on an epic backpacking journey to 17 countries in 343 days taking 6,237 photographs.

5 of the Best Urban Design Blog Posts of 2011 (Sustainable Cities Collective)
How can we enhance the urban form of our cities to make them more sustainable? We’ve featured hundreds of articles on this topic over 2011, and here’s five of the best.

Embracing Green Building Techniques (Planetizen)
Affordable housing advocates find that green building techniques result in higher-quality construction — and often with costs comparable to traditional building techniques.

5 of the Best Transport Blog Posts of 2011 (Sustainable Cities)
The way we get around our cities is a critical factor in their sustainability. Here are 5 of the best blog posts we’ve featured on This Big City in 2011 exploring that very topic…