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VIAVOX Event: Chandigarh 2.0 (10/25/2012)

Oct 01, 2012

Please join us…
Chandigarh 2.0:
A Discussion on Urbanization + Growth in the Global and Local Context

Prof. Vikram Prakash
University of Washington College of Built Environments

Thursday, October 25th
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Zeitgeist Coffee
171 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98101

While massive urbanization is broadly accepted as one of the grand challenges of our times, few realize that most of that urban growth, according to the UN World Urbanization Prospects, will take place not in the megacities of the world like Mumbai or New York, but in the vast numbers of small and mid-sized towns of fast growing nations. Prof. Vikram Prakash of UW College of Built Environments, has been taking studios to Chandigarh, India for the last few years to study how this iconic modernist city is responding to the pressures of globalization. As one of India’s fastest growing mid-sized cities (population 1.8 million), Chandigarh today is facing development challenges – managing growth, transit, sustainable development – of the kinds that we are very familiar with in Seattle. Of comparable size, Seattle and Chandigarh, are kindred ‘sister’ cities of the future that potentially have much to offer, and learn from, each other.

Join VIA Architecture for VIAVOX: Chandigarh 2.0 where we will discuss the possibilities of an urban dialogue across Seattle and Chandigarh, with a presentation by Dr. Prakash followed by open discussion.

Please RSVP to Racheal Bellinger by 10/22 to